The arrival of the 1980's brought with it a season of challenge for the Austin Bluffs Community Church Family. Despite financial pressure and membership challenges, this fellowship of believers held fast to their dream and welcomed a young new pastor and his family. In 1988, John and Cheri Pauls arrived full of energy and ideas. The young couple breathed new life into the ABC family and their leadership served as a catalyst for rapid transformation and growth. Fueled by their numerical growth, God began to provide funding for the new vision. 

 While in prayer early in 1992, God opened John's eyes to a clear purpose for ABC. John's vision began with an old rope and plank bridge spanning a chasm both deep and wide. The ropes of the bridge were frayed and the planks were worn and rotted. Some of the planks had even worked loose and fallen into the chasm below - a picture of danger. In the distance, coming into view, he began to see the silhouettes of two people making their way... 

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